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Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals


Anti-corrosion products, chemical
Asbestos-replacement products
Chemicals - Basic Products and Derivatives
Chemistry - laboratory products
Chemistry, inorganic - raw materials and derivatives
Chemistry, organic - raw materials and derivatives
Cleaning and maintenance products, household
Cleaning and maintenance products, industrial
Essences and fragrances - nonfood
Explosives and fireworks
Foams, rubber and plastic
Gases, compressed and liquefied
Herbs for medicines and cosmetics
Hygiene and beauty articles
Hygiene and toilet products
Import-export - chemicals and pharmaceuticals
Import-export - rubber and plastic products
Lubricants, industrial
Packaging - Plastic
Paints and varnishes
Petroleum - heavy derivatives
Petroleum fuels and additives
Pharmaceutical products
Pharmaceuticals - basic and auxiliary products
Phytosanitary products, fungicides and pesticides
Pigments and dyes, nonfood
Plastic coatings and laminates
Plastic floor coverings
Plastics - construction industry
Plastics - household products
Plastics - industrial products
Plastics - industrial raw materials
Plastics - packaging
Plastics - semi-finished products
Rubber - transformation into semi-finished products
Rubber and derivatives
Rubber and plastic - processing
Rubber and Plastics
Rubber products
Solvents and thinners
Strippers and abrasives, chemical
Tubes and pipes, rubber and plastic
Tyres and accessories
Veterinary products
Water treatment products


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