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Marketing, Advertising and the Media


Address files
Advertising - illustrations
Advertising - photography
Advertising brokers - agencies
Advertising consultants
Advertising design
Advertising design - graphic artists and designers
Advertising publishing - design and production
Advertising studios
Agents and producers - performing arts
Artistic and literary property - protection
Artistic and musical centres
Audience ratings
Audio-video advertising - production
Audio-visual - production and distribution
Business communication consultants
Cinema - advertising management
Design and production of advertising campaigns
Direct marketing
Direct marketing - consultants
Directories - advertising management
Distribution, publicity
Dubbing, film
Entertainment and performance - production
Fair trade
Film archives
Film distribution, international
Films, rental
Institutional films
Mailing and sorting
Marketing - research
Marketing strategy consultants
Media planning and advice
Media surveys
News agencies
On-line services - advertising management
Packaging design
Performing arts - organisation
Performing arts - production and distribution
Photo development laboratories
Photographic libraries
Photographs - production and distribution
Photography - blow-ups
Photography - fashion and illustration
Photography, aerial
Photos - press agencies
Point of sale - promotion and events
Point-of-sale advertising
Polling institutes
POS - fairs and exhibitions
Posters - advertising management
Press - advertising management
Press agencies, international
Press relations
Promotion - consultants
Radio - advertising management
Radio - production and distribution
Slide production
Sound engineering, film
Special events communication
Studios - films, TV
Subtitling, film
Telephone marketing
Television - advertising management
Television - production and distribution
Video distribution, international
Video library and mediatheque
Video production


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