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Textiles and Clothing


Blankets, bedspreads, duvets and eiderdowns
Clothes - second-hand
Clothes, children
Clothes, men
Clothes, women
Clothing accessories
Clothing industry supplies
Coats and raincoats
Cords and strings
Costumes, traditional costumes and disguises
Fabrics, coated
Fibres, artificial and synthetic
Formal wear
Furnishing fabrics
Hats and caps
Haute couture, luxury ready-to-wear
Household Linen and Fabrics
Import-export - textile and clothing
Jeans and casual wear
Jumpers and pull-overs
Leather and suede clothing
Lingerie, underwear and indoor clothing
Natural fibre preparing
Natural textile waste
Protective and work clothing
Rugs and carpeting
Shirts and blouses
Socks and stockings
Technical textiles
Tents and marquees
Textile fibres, natural
Textile finishing
Threads and fabrics, elastic
Threads and yarns
Trimmings, embroidery and tulle


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